Fancy a Snack?

Whats better with a pint of Cask Ale than a great piece of Pub Grub!

(menu availability subject to change anytime, up to date menu available in our tasting room)

  • Bacon Buttie

A fresh roll stuffed with bacon and and HP brown Sauce.

  • Bacon Brie & Cranberry Buttie

Similar to a regular bacon buttie however this little treat includes slices of Brie Cheese melting over the bacon and cranberry jelly to add a level of sweetness.

  • Ploughmans Plate (Large enough to share)

A large chunk of fresh bread served with a wedge of British Cheddar, sliced meat, whole tomato, pickled onions, celery, grapes and British Branston’s Pickle. (available cheese and meats are subject to change daily)